In May 2021 Facebook's rating keeps dropping reaching 1.7 stars on the App Store and 2.4 on the Google Play Store (at the time of writing this article). Facebook even requested from the App Store to remove the negative reviews, but Apple refused their request.

This is not the first time Facebook has been under heat, and most probably won't be the last time. Over the years, Facebook kept disappointing its users with problems ranging from security issues to profiting from user's data to now constricting their user's opinions and allowing only the views they believe are correct.

When you look at everything that happened with Facebook throughout the past few years, you'll realize how surprising it still has users to begin with.

We won't go over every single scandal Facebook had, but there are some that not only strongly affect Facebook's image as a leading tech company, but also harm their relationship with their users.

In 2018, It was revealed that Facebook basically gave away user's data without their knowledge or permission. Of course, we all remember this scandal and what happened, and how much it damaged Facebook's image at the time. Facebook sacrificed their user's data, which they trusted them with, for their own benefit and for political reasons.

In 2019 it was revealed that for many years Facebook stored the user's password in plain text files. Even though Facebook says there was no evidence of these passwords being abused, it still doesn't change the fact that these passwords were visible to thousands of their employees. Facebook clearly didn't value the user's security or privacy.

In May 2021, Facebook yet again was under fire as users were noticing that they had no freedom of speech on the platform anymore. When freely stating their opinions that are Pro-Palestine, they noticed that their posts were being removed or reported as harmful or dangerous. This backfired at Facebook, as users resorted to another way of freely voicing their opinion by giving the app bad reviews that made its rating drop tremendously.

As more time passes by, Facebook seems to be insistent on making sure every last one of its users loses their trust in it. By signing up to Facebook you're highly likely signing up for your data being abused and breached by the platform itself, for poor security and almost no privacy, and for your voice to be silenced unless it matches the platform's own opinion and beliefs.

There's no denying that Facebook was one of the very first social media platforms that changed the game and how people perceived social media. It played a big role in making social media what it is today. However, it seems that its role has been diminished and changed into what's politically best for the company. It's no longer interested in what the users want, it's only interested in how to use these users to make money and fight for their own agenda.

While companies like Apple, DuckDuckGo, Mozilla, and others are working hard to maintain user's privacy, it's a shame we still have companies like Facebook who are fighting against that. It's a shame, but it's not surprising at all coming from Facebook, as it has yet to show that it actually cares about its users.

To still be waiting for that after 17 years since its launch, I think it's hopeless. There's no point in waiting for the platform to start respecting its users and valuing them. I think it's time to label Facebook as "Use at your own risk."