As a web developer, you might face a lot of tedious and repetitive tasks, or tasks that can be a hassle to manually do.

I have curated for you a list of Chrome extensions that will make your everyday work easier!


I use ColorZilla almost every day. It's a great help to get a color from any website or image, and as a web developer you'll need that a lot.


Pushbullet is great for all people in general, especially for work. It makes communication between your devices or team easier. You can send to your devices or team links, images, or any kind of messages. You can also check your devices' notifications and SMS.


If you don't know what Gitpod is, it basically lets you create a remote environment for your repositories. Integrated with GitHub, you can open any repository in Gitpod and create a workspace that you can access from anywhere.

This extension helps make it easier to open any repository in Gitpod right away just by clicking on the extension icon when you are in the repository's page.

Fake Data - A form filler you won't hate

When you are testing your websites, testing forms repeatedly and with real looking data (i.e. not "abcd") can be time consuming. With Fake Data, you can right click on any input and choose a fake value for the input. It includes values for first names, email, city, country, password, and more. You can also add custom types and values to it from the extension's settings.

Social Share Preview

SEO is very important for any website, and one of the most important parts about it is how your website or webpage will look like when it is shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Social Share Preview makes it easy to check by just clicking the extension's icon on the page you want to check. It will show you a preview of how your website will look like when it is shared, and will give you some tips on how to fix problems if there are any.

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

This one is also not specific for programmers, however it can be helpful. This extension helps you record or screenshot the screen in your browser easily and with additional options like choosing just the visible part of the page or entire page, as well as other options.

HTML Error Checker

You can't always spot HTML errors like forgetting to close a tag or closing one too early. This can affect your website and sometimes you won't even notice it until later on. This extension helps you find any errors on the website you're on.

NOTE: For some reason, this extension caused some problems when trying to log in to phpmyadmin when it is pinned.

Web Developer Checklist

Web Developer Checklist helps you remember all the details necessary for your website. A lot of tasks when making websites can be forgotten, especially when focusing on the bigger parts. By clicking the icon of the extension on the webpage, you can see any violations to best practices.

Webpage Spell-Check

Typos can be hard to spot on the website. This extension enables you to check typos by making all the text on your website editable, and thus using the browser's out-of-the-box spell-checker to find the typos.

Web Developer

Web Developers extension basically gives super powers in an extension. It gives you so many functionalities that can be helpful while you develop websites and remove a lot of hassles that you can run into.


These are just some of the extensions that can make your life as a developer a little easier, but there are many others out there. Please add any extensions you think are also helpful below in the comments!