Throughout the years, I have found repositories that I liked and starred (then totally forgot about, to be honest). Some are very helpful, others are just nice to know about. So, I decided to put some of them on a list in the hopes that it helps others.

Front-End Checklist

The name is pretty straightforward. This repository gives you the ultimate checklist you might need for your front-end projects. It is very detailed and I think it's extremely helpful for beginners and for the rest of us that tend to look over or forget certain details sometimes.

Node.js Best Practices

This repositories include articles and news that highlight the best practices of Node.js. It's constantly updated and insightful. So, if you're interested in Node.js I suggested you go through the list to learn more about its best practices.


magictools is a repository that lists resources you might need for game development. This ranges from graphics to code and audio. It also specifies whether the resources are free, open-source, paid, or partially-free. I recommend this for game developers in general.


Do you ever see on social media beautifully designed code screenshots and think "hmm I wonder how they make those?" The answer is Carbon. Carbon lets you share and create beautifully designed code images. You can do this using their website by choosing the language, typing in your code, and then export the image and share it to any social media platform you want. It also has many features as well so I suggest you check out their GitHub repositories for more details.

Awesome Design Tools

This repository contains a huge list of websites where you can find design resources and use them for free. It does not just include design resources, but also resources that will be helpful for your front-end development as well. It can save you some time when you need some resources for your next project.


lax.js is a library you can use to develop beautiful animations on scroll. It's a nice, lightweight library that will help you create beautiful and modern websites, hassle-free.


This repository includes a list of all kinds of APIs you can use either completely for free or with a free trial. The APIs can be used in a variety of projects. From Data Science APIs to Dictionary APIs, you can find them all in this list.


Ever wondered how to build your own Gameboy emulator? How about rebuilding GIT? A huge list of the things you can build is on this repository. It has a variety of programming languages and things you can build with those programming languages. I recommend checking it out and practicing a programming language through it.


If you want to start and deploy your next project, but you don't really want to pay or you're controlling your budget, then I suggest keeping this repository in your Stars. This repository provides a full list of services you can find online that will provide you with what you need to do for free.

Suggested Read: The Things You Can Do For Free: The Ultimate Guide


This repository might be helpful to some freelancers. If you worked on a project and the client isn't paying you, just add the js file in this repository to the web page and it will add opacity to the page then increase it every day until the page completely fades away.


These are some of the GitHub repositories I've liked throughout my years as a developer. If you have others as well, please share them in the comments!