As a content creator, it's very important to understand how your content is performing. Monitoring which content has the most views, which topics perform best over time, which channels result in more traffic, and more is essential in choosing what audience your content attracts and what you should write about next.

To make things easier for content creators, Google introduced Search Console Insights, a combination between Search Console and Google Analytics to provide an improved experience for content creators and help them better understand their audience and traffic.

Users will first see a notice on their Search Console telling them about how they can discover the content across the web. The link will lead them to their Search Console Insights.

When clicking on the link, you'll see all different kinds of analytics, including your website's all-time pageviews, highest-performing pages, top traffic channels, and more.

As a content creator, you will be able to see some information that surely was in your google analytics or search console accounts but was not as highlighted or easily noticeable.

Search Console Insights take the statistics related to the search queries on the Search Console and the statistics related to your website's traffic on Google Analytics, then generates the report that is specific to you as a content creator.

The Search Console Insights allow you to focus on how the newest content is performing by specifying a section solely dedicated to it and making it the first thing you see when you access it. This is another way of easily viewing the data regarding your newest posts or pages.

It also showcases your most popular content and even adds some badges to it that make you notice which content has the highest average duration or which is trending the most.

Another aspect Google Search Console Insights sheds light on is search queries. It shows the top 5 search queries and most trending search queries. This is very essential for content creators, as it's important to ensure your content is always getting traffic and that usually comes from search engines. Understanding the search queries that lead to your content the most helps you realize what your next content should be.

An additional aspect that Search Console Insight focuses on is referral links and social media referrals. This can also be very helpful as it helps you understand which channels and mediums generate the most traffic for your website, helping you to focus on them the most or improve your presence on the channels and mediums your website lacks.

Google Search Console Insights does not necessarily bring new data that's different than that of Search Console and Google Analytics, but it sheds light on the information that's most important to content creators and helps them understand the data in a new light that's more suitable for them.