Many small business owners are not trained entrepreneurs or educated at business schools. More often than not they are someone with a great idea who wants to put it forward and take a leap of faith. This is an excellent plan. However, it does not always work out. If you are reading this, then it's your lucky day as we are going to show you exactly how small business owners fail when promoting their business so you can make proactive choices to succeed.


Rule number one is to know when you are bad at something in business. Self-education is a simple method to use to ensure that you learn all you need to know about starting out in the business sector. This does not mean that you have to go to university or take a distance learning course – though many people do. To start with, make use of the internet and study what you can by yourself.

There are sites that run free business courses. This is a fantastic way of beginning the journey. Coursera is a particularly good site as it offers a wide selection of free unaccredited courses. If you want the accreditation, you do have to pay. Otherwise, you have the chance to get educated online by lecturers from top universities around the world. An invaluable free resource if you are limited by budget.

You may also wish to simply search Google for resources. Read blogs and articles like this one to gain a broad understanding of the business sector and how you can promote yourself. You are likely to find there are methodologies and actions you can take that you never previously thought of, to make your business develop into a well-rounded venture.

Ask People

Setting out as a new entrepreneur can be daunting. You may feel anxious that you do not know enough and try to hide it. Or you may feel like you don’t want someone to steal your ideas, so you don’t reach out for help. This is a big mistake that many new small business owners make when promoting their business. The issue here is that it cuts off the large support network in the business community.

When a business owner has achieved promotional success, they are often more than willing to assist others to do the same. The online world is a vast place. The competition is fierce between big brands, especially in advertising, but not the same with smaller ones. It may be just what you need and can lead to collaborations and friendships that are invaluably helpful in driving growth in a business.

If It’s Broken – Fix It.

Rectifying mistakes and learning from them is a major part of promotional success. This is something that a huge number of people starting out in business ignore. If you create an advertising plan and it receives no interactions on social media, change it.

Many small business owners set out with a brand or even a name of their business that does not captivate their audience. For example, if you sell coffee online. Consider how you market yourself to clearly sell coffee. Naming your business ‘Sam’s Beans’ isn’t going to instantly push the idea you sell coffee. If your audience can not immediately see what you sell, you are losing many customers and will have to invest a lot more time and money into advertising to achieve the same levels of success. A better name would be ‘Sam’s Online Coffee Shop’. It sounds almost boring, so many people do not follow this method. It can be a great way of jumping a gap in promoting yourself and your brand.

Similarly, your logo should be clear and obvious to your target audience. Many small business owners either forego a logo at all at the start or pay someone to design them a detailed logo. Keep it simple and be ready to change it if it does not work for your market. You can use a free logo creator to design and download a logo for your business. This is perfect as it gives you the chance to test the waters with your branding before deciding on a final design.


Hopefully, this article can set you on the right track towards true business success. If you understand what you are missing and implement it as you learn, you will find the journey a progressive success.