Google is the best search engine that we all use. Not only does it help us find what we need, but it gives us nice funny tricks to try when we're bored!

Scroll through the list and try these tricks out!


Just type in "askew" in the search bar, and Google will become askew!


This one is funny for you if you're a programmer. Type in recursion and Google will ask you again: "Did you mean recursion?"

Do a Barrel Roll

Type in "Do a Barrel Roll" and see Google spinning!

Type in "Blink HTML" and see the word "HTML" blinking everywhere!


By searching "pacman", you can play the Pac-man game! It's a nice throwback.

Google in 1998

Feeling nostalgic or curious about how Google used to look like? Google lets you turn back time by googling "Google in 1998"!

Set a Timer

Google lets you set a timer for any amount of time you need and will alert you once the time is up! Just google "Set timer for" and specify the amount of time. For example, "set timer for 1 minute"

Flip a coin

Need to make some quick decisions? Google can help you! Just search "Flip a Coin" and google will do exactly that.

Roll a Die

Another trick Google can do is roll a dice for you! Google "Roll a die" and you can choose from multiple die sizes!

Special Friends Tribute

This one is special for Friends fans: If you google "friends" followed by one of the main character names, you will get an icon next to the name that is relevant to that character and when you press it a surprise happens!

For example, for Joey you can see a Pizza icon next to his name and when you press it, food will start flying around until a hand comes up and collects all the food!


Do you have any tricks that you've noticed or known about that aren't on the list? Let us know in the comments!