Since the outbreak of the pandemic in March 2020, the use of new software technologies has grown at an amazing rate, increasing the need for custom software solution providers. These on-demand software development companies have raised more than 200 percent of the developing cloud index's total capital and have a market value of around $2.4 trillion.

Given the rapid advancement of new technologies in recent years, the software development sector is one that should be pursued. As a result, these are the top 9 software ideas for start-ups in 2022.

Management of Rental Properties

Ownership of more than five homes or working as a real estate agent may make property management difficult. The goal is to develop an application that can assist an owner, a property agent, a renter, and a property joint management organization with the following:

  • Rental collecting, reminders for payments, and receipts for payments.
  • For smooth payment collection, integrate online payment and e-wallet.
  • Upkeep and repair.
  • Management of complaints and feedback.
  • Management by commission.

Investor Journal

Investors are advised to keep track of their buy and sell orders so they may look back and reflect on the lessons they've learned.

Using the collected expertise stored in this program, investors may revise and examine previous investments in order to enhance their performance.

Chatbot Solution Powered by Virtual AI

Since 2014, the number of people who shop digitally has increased dramatically.

In 2021, there will be 2.14 billion digital purchasers out of a total population of 7.78 billion, a 4.4 percent growth year over year.

Eventually, every firm will have to go online. A chatbot and virtual assistant will dramatically enhance the customer experience, conversion, and selling. It would be ideal if it could link to the most popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, and WeChat to enable seamless automation.

Collaborative Tool for Teams and Platform for Team Development

Working from home has become the new normal for employees worldwide. Companies require tools for team collaboration in order to maintain team cohesion, smooth task delegation, project management, and documentation.

The global market for team collaboration software is estimated at $27.8 billion by 2028 as per Global Newswire.

Additionally, 24% of respondents reported experiencing video meeting fatigue, 19% report having difficulty interacting in real-time (preferring not to connect through email or messenger), and 17% report finding it more difficult to manage professional relationships. – Survey conducted by Flexjobs.

A platform for team development would greatly enhance communication and relationships among team members. To keep users socially engaged, the platform can incorporate aspects of different gaming activities (such as the game depicted above), team interaction capabilities, beautiful visuals, and music.

Despite the fact that there are many collaborations and team-building technologies available on the market, demand for them continues to grow at an exponential rate.

Develop a Medical Software Program

Medical Software manages patients' computerized medical records. Numerous clinics and hospitals seek an alternative to error-prone manual patient data input. In this way, you may educate clinics and hospitals about the advantages of the medical software you're developing and sell them on it.

By Statista, medical software is predicted to reach $4.26 billion in global sales by 2025. As can be seen, there are several changes in this field. There are many healthcare software development businesses that may assist you in developing medical software and bringing your idea to life.

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Itinerary Maker for Trips

Although the tourist business appears to be suffering at the moment, this sector is poised for rapid expansion after the epidemic is over.

It may be hard to plan a trip schedule. We'll need distance, location, suggestions, and budget information to decide which POIs (points of interest) fit within the schedule.

When using a trip itinerary planner, all of the relevant information is gathered in one location, and destinations can be effortlessly dragged and dropped. It is preferable if the planner can automatically optimize the schedule for distance and cost of travel. Additionally, posting tailored vacation itineraries will significantly boost the platform's network impact.

Solutions for Email Delivery

Modern life is dominated by online activities such as shopping, ordering takeout or delivery, communicating, participating in sports, banking, and attending meetings or conventions. When it comes to transactional services like registration of an account, reset the password, confirmation, financial transactions, and marketing, email delivery plays a critical role.

Numerous enhancements are possible, including user interface, ease of setup, customer experience, and cost.

Password Organiser

There are 80 applications on average for every smartphone user. In other words, users will have to keep track of at least 80 distinct sets of login credentials. Password reuse is a security risk because even if one app database is compromised, it might compromise other accounts that use the same password.

Password manager solves this problem by assisting you in creating and remembering a unique password for each account. Then, secure the master account using several levels of security, such as two-factor verification or Google Authentication protocol.

Platform for Online Training and Coaching

Since the epidemic, many individuals worldwide have begun teaching online and providing coaching services. It's reasonable to manage all members on a personal Facebook page, but branding, professionalism, and a payment mechanism are all missing in action.

The purpose of this platform is to enable coaches to post multimedia recordings, lectures, and tutoring sessions. Exams, quizzes, and completion certificates can all be used to engage pupils. Automated membership money collection from subscribers, allowing the coach to focus on providing outstanding material instead.


While software products may expand at an insane rate due to their extensibility as software, the work and expense associated with developing effective software can be rather high. Create a minimum viable product (MVP) first, and then get some early consumers on board to offer you valuable feedback.